Telepresence Systems

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Face-time with clients is an important aspect in business communication. Body language, image, and focus are all methods of conveying a message that can be lost within voice-only or text based communication. Not willing to risk miscommunication between clients, many businesses choose to spend a large amount on travel expenses. To reduce costs, some companies have implemented video conference rooms but they can only do so much.

Telepresence systems are the next step in conferencing technology. Taking the concept of virtual reality and morphing it to suit the needs of the business world, telepresence allows two conferencing parties in separate locations feel as if they’re merely sitting across the table from one another.

Most telepresence systems generally consist of screens positioned to follow the shape of an oval table that makes the display and one’s surroundings appear to merge together. With high definition cameras and eye tracking sensors paired with directional microphones, these systems truly provide the “in-person” experience heavily sought after by many companies.

Implementing these systems can greatly reduce the cost of travel and improve an employee’s work/life balance. For more information, visit our sister company’s site 4TEC Integration.

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