TV Shows and Movie Productions specialist in video effects:

4TEC along side of the Studio 44 Productions and Axis Granted Creations production companies deliver the finest and unique magic video creations in the world. From Holographic scenes to 3D and 360 interactive content, and now VR - Virtual Reality productions. So how it works is the 4TEC technology hardware and programming automation company does the equipment designs, assembly, testing, programming, and training for your staff for operations. The production companies depending on the type of content you need will jointly work to put together the complete production or just what you need as a partner to make your production beyond the imagination of the audience. So if your project requires moving display systems, permanently installed systems, trade show traveling type etc. Call on us we want to join your team to make your show the buzz.

Technology Props:

So if you have sponsors and need their content on digital signage, video walls, touch panels, iPads, iPhone apps, or other marketing or technology needs on your set, we deliver complete telephony systems, networks, computers, touch panels for conference rooms, cool automation that is fast and easy to run with custom graphics and your clients logos with animations. If you need cool effects timed to your show, need custom movements, animations, and holograms of sponsors logos, for episodes, full length, short films, ads, or your tradeshows. Just add us to your team, a call, email, or chat away.

Receive an All-in-One Solution

4TEC Direct supplies systems direct to your door with a click of a mouse and 4TEC Integration completes your install so you won't have to lift another finger. With Crestron Certified programmers and installers, 4TEC has everything you need for an all-in-one systems solution. Let us make automation easier for your home or business with custom builds, programming, and installation. Select either programming or installation to learn more about our custom solutions.

If you would like to speak with one of our trained professionals, contact us by email at or call (402) 909-0130 for more information.