Certified Crestron Programmers

Crestron Voice Control programming now available!

If you want to add on voice control to your system or are in the market for a new system with voice controls? We are here to make your search easy. We offer technical help via our chat, email, or phone call whatever is your favorite way to contact us.

The voice products that are compatible with Crestron are almost endless these days. We have worked with Alexa, Crestron TSR-302-B, TSR-310, direct voice from Alexa to a Crestron controller, Harmony Hub, and many more configurations. The voice can perform amazing things like a butler or digital assistant might do. We have connected alarms, lights, shades, dog doors, garage doors, thermostats or HVAC, ice melt, in-floor heating, boilers, water-pump, locks, access, intercoms, phones, mobile devices, beds, chairs, furniture, credenzas and so much more. The coolest part is saying "Alexa, Goodbye" and she will turn down the temp, turn all lights to your setting for away, arm the alarm, lock the doors on a time delay to let you leave first, start your car, run the sprinklers after you go, turn off the fountain lights, Feed the dogs, record the cameras, close the shades, pretty much everything but make the bed. NOTE: she will turn on the shower on a preset time for you or the jacuzzi.... If you have a custom need for automation we can do it and enjoy crafting exotic automation for your commercial projects or estate unique needs. One call and we will make it one touch or one voice.... Chat with us today.

Talk with our Certified Crestron Programmers for a complete custom solution!

At 4TEC, we employ experienced programmers to provide you with a higher level of interface and signal flow control between your platforms and technologies. Our in-house training prevents a gap between manufacturer systems and the real world of integration to ensure a smooth and seamless automated system.Whether you’re looking to automate a commercial or residential property, we at 4TEC have the knowledge and skills of certified Crestron programmers to complete all of your control systems quickly, efficiently, and on budget. With 25 years of involvement in the technology industry, our personnel are confident and eager to take on the challenge of your next project.

For more information, please visit our sister company’s website 4TEC Integration. To get started on your custom programming needs now, contact us by email at sales@4tecdirect.com or by telephone at 402-909-0130.