Robot Homes

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Brain of Things, a startup aimed at building automated living spaces, predicts smart homes to be more practical and ideal compared to smart cars in the future. Because the average person spends more time at home than driving, it is understandable that one would want to automate their more often used space. With the ‘robot homes’ that Brain of Things Company is building, one can expect technology that grows accustomed to a specific schedule.

Each home designed has twenty sensors, are almost entirely automated, and can be controlled via voice command or the home app. All of these homes are fully automated at the time of move-in. For the sake of privacy, the company decided against sensors within the bedrooms and assures owners that all information stays within the building.

Some of the features of this home automation system are lifting blinds after one has woken up, automatic lighting dimmed depending on time of day, and monitoring of heating, cooling, and even plumbing systems. For an elderly or disabled person, these automation features can incredibly useful but that’s not to say that a tech junkie couldn’t jump in on the bandwagon either.
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