Product Highlight: Crestron’s New TechBox Mount

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Space is already extremely limited when it comes to our favorite intimate conference spots, the huddle room. With such a tight fit between people and technology, one can find it difficult to find room for anything from note taking devices to presentation props; it’s no wonder finding a space for new technology is such a hassle. To solve this issue, Crestron has released its new product the TechBox Mount.

Because which technology one buys tends to be decided after design and furniture choices are implemented, it can be a challenge to figure out what kind of devices can fit where. Crestron solves this issue by offering a mount from Middle Atlantic that stores equipment underneath the very table a team sits at. This mount conveniently hides presentation systems when there is no other rack or other storing method available.

What makes the TechBox Mount stand out from other mounting options is its ability to expand from 1 to 2 spaces and its locked front panel that halts any effort to tamper with cables or settings. With a clean and subtle look, this product fits in any huddle space perfectly. Contact us today for any questions regarding this product.
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