Highlights from CES 2016!

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CES 2016 did not disappoint,there has been no shortage of exciting reveals. From music devices to 3D printed prosthetics, here are some of our favorites from the 2016 convention.

Whether one’s music preferences lay more with country, rock, pop, or even techno, new ways to create one’s desired sound is always in demand and that fact is why this keyboard is so eyecatching. The Seaboard RISE takes your average keyboard and reimagines it with a soft yet sleek feel. Seaboard RISE allows musicians to customize sensitivity and create unique sound by using touch faders. With its lightweight design and bluetooth capabilities, creating music can be done easily anywhere by anyone.

Next on the list is Somabar. Somabar is an at home cocktail mixer appliance controlled by an app on one’s phone. It uses six pods to hold alcohol that are easily removed and washed. Not only does it fully mix cocktails before they are dispensed but also flushes with water to prevent the contamination of other flavors. This appliance has the capability of making an astonishing 300 different kind of drinks and comes in a variety of different colors to match any kitchen.

Oura is one of the many amazing wearable tech devices to appear at this year's convention. It can track when one’s sleeping, when they’re sitting, when they’re running and it even offers advice via one’s cell phone on how to change their lifestyle for the better. This ring offers information to better improve the way one lives. With a charge that holds for a long period of time and the ability to quickly recharge, this device is holds a lot of potential for those who like to keep an easily accessible visual record of their health.

These are just some of our favorites from CES 2016! Share with us some of your favorites!

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