HD Scaling Presentation Switcher & Extender 400 From Crestron

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Looking for a simple and cost-effective multimedia solution for your conference spaces? Look no further than The Crestron HD-MD-400-C-E. Three inputs allow for any mobile device to connect to this product and signal can be routed up to 230 feet away. Automatic operations detect when a device is connected at any input while also eliminating the need for controls by turning on and off displays when needed. With a built-in scaling abilities, it is perfect for use with SD and HD video signals, and high-resolution computer signals.

The Crestron HD-MD-400-C-E installs easily and doesn’t require special programming. It’s transmitter can be placed seamlessly under a table or podium with the receiver fitting snuggly behind a display or above a projector. A single CAT cable is all that is required to connect the HD-MD-400-C-E’s transmitter and receiver. A LAN port located on the receiver allows for an Ethernet network connection and the ability to connect to a web browser.

Easy installation, simple interface, and fully automatic operations make the HD-MD-400-C-E one of the 4TEC team’s favorite products to work with. To purchase one of these multimedia presentation solutions, check out www.4tecdirect.com or call for VIP Pricing today!
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