Crestron will Release its Pinpoint App and Fusion Software March 1st

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Beginning March, Crestron is releasing its two new products, the Pinpoint App and Fusion Software. Their purpose is to maximize efficiency of scheduling, set up, and meeting time for businesses everywhere. With a simplistic yet extremely informative interface, managing one’s time has never been easier.

The Pinpoint app will allow businesses to quickly access information such as the number of meetings scheduled, schedule conflicts, upcoming meeting notifications for the day and even includes a timer for countdown to the beginning and end of each meeting. With just a tap, one can access information regarding attendees, location, and even whom to contact via conference call. This app can not only access information about already scheduled conferences but can find available rooms with a list of technology capabilities to meet the needs of one’s presentation and book times at one’ convenience.

Fusion software will allow one to monitor device status in any room, manage equipment life cycles, keep track of preventative maintenance, and provide 3D visualization of an entire organization, as well as the status of spaces and all devices within them. Fusion also offers centralized support; instant messaging is available using touch screens within rooms and live support is available via webcam. One can easily transmit emergency notifications to any room and instructions, images, and graphics can be stored for preparedness. Even with all of these available features, Crestron remembers to keep it simple by providing touchless meeting startup, one-touch video conference joining, instant content sharing, and automatic room reset.

Crestron always makes sure to provide simplistic features while optimizing the amount of information available to a user. With these two new releases, meetings will run smoother and more efficiently than ever before. For more information regarding the Pinpoint App and Fusion Software, contact 4TEC Direct today.

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