CES this Week in Las Vegas!

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CES, or the Consumer Technology Association, begins showcasing some of the greatest up and coming technology at their Las Vegas convention on January 6th. With all the up and coming excitement, a few devices are already standing out from the crowd.

A promising new mobile piece that offers access to both gaming and cinema. With high resolution display and noise cancelling audio, one can enjoy a theater-like experience on the go.

This product is not only designed with portability in mind, it is also adjustable for a personalized fit and features ‘adjustable optical power and pupillary distance’, eliminating the need for corrective eye wear for many.

With the Royole Corporation’s innovative background in display technology, it is not surprising they could develop such impressive immersive product.

Royole-X: The World's First Foldable Smart Mobile Theater

Scanify 3D Scanner by Fuel 3D

Scanify easily tackles issues that previous 3D scanners fell short with. From flat and reflective surfaces to translucent or sharp edges, Scanify can handle it with its new press-and-scan compound that produces a reverse impression to assist users in their 3D creations.

“As a handheld product, SCANIFY has always been more flexible than most other 3D scanning systems, but we wanted to offer our customers the ability to go completely mobile by removing the need to remain tethered to a power supply,” Andrew Larkins, CTO of Fuel3D

As stated by the CTO, this device takes anything from everyday life and allows one to snap a 3D image from anywhere they may be.

IoT Smoke Alarm by Halo Smart Labs

This smoke alarm isn’t just a smoke alarm. It can alert one to not only fires and the rate at which they’re burning, but also to dangerous carbon monoxide gas. The Halo Smoke Alarm includes a weather radio in the case of severe weather and is complete with smart sensors that can distinguish a false alarm from a real emergency.

“Halo and Halo+ use a ring of light and voice alerts to tell you exactly what’s wrong. You’ll also get an alert on your phone, where it’s easy to monitor or hush an alarm, and our system works with almost all the connected platforms you know.” As stated by their website, this smoke alarm is easily controlled with any device making it a desirable product for any home.

The Las Vegas convention lasts until January 9th. With new designs and concepts a plenty, there will be many can’t miss exhibits at this year’s event.

Stay tuned with 4TEC as we showcase other gadgets from CES 2016!

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