Boston Dynamics : Atlas Droid

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The Google owned company Boston Dynamics has just released footage of their latest robot, the Atlas Droid. Standing at 5’9 tall and weighing in at 180lbs, this machine can easily pick up boxes, treck through all sorts of terrain, and even open doors.

This new version of Atlas is specialized to operate indoors and out via mobile manipulation. Sensors throughout its body allow it to balance and avoid environmental obstructions in its path as well as assist it with navigation and manipulation of objects.

The video below showcases the Atlas Droid’s ability to correct itself when its surroundings are altered. When shown walking through the snow it effortlessly rights itself when unseen objects cause it to stumble. Even when knocked over, the Atlas is able to pick itself back up and resume its duties.

Boston Dynamics continues time and time again to improve upon its previous creations, resulting in amazing strides in robotics. There is much yet to be seen from them.

Atlas, The Next Generation - Youtube

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