Boeing's Bathroom Automation

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Boeing recently pulled a group of engineers together to automate the cleaning process of the airplane bathroom between passengers. It’s not a substitute for a thorough scrub down but it prevents bacterial build up with the power of automation.

The most notable features of these bathrooms is a process that only activates after a passenger has exited the small space. A pulsing UV Light activates after every user and kills any microbes or germs left behind. For a thorough elimination the toilet lid even automatically lifts before the process begins. The best part about it all is that it only takes a matter of three seconds to complete.

Although germs maybe killed off with UV light, it can’t clean everything. To keep the bathrooms at optimum cleanliness, Boeing made just about everything one would place their hands on hands-free. With sensors located on everything from the faucet to the trashcan, touching things in small waste room is almost a thing of the past.

Boeing is still looking for more ways to improve upon their already impressive upgrades. Currently they are looking into a way to add a vacuum system that cleans accidents that happen on the floor and a way to automatically open the door. Until then, everyone will just have to make due.
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