Adding Streaming to any Room with Crestron

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Crestron understands the need of video streaming and reliable services. Whether is be over long distance or simply room to room, Crestron refuses to let image and sound quality suffer or limit the number of rooms one can stream to. With DigitalMedia, Crestron eliminates the necessity to compress 2K or 4K video, and use an extremely high amount of bandwidth.

D-TXRX-100-STR can be used as a standalone transmitter or receiver and is a compact H.264 streaming encoder/decoder made to stream high-definition content to anywhere on an IP Network. It can also be integrated with a DMPS3 Series DigitalMedia Presentation System or with the new low-cost DM Transmitters that are soon to become available.

If one needed to be able to stream to a display, the DM-RMC-100-STR is a compact H.264 streaming room box receiver and display controller. It is most functional for overflow rooms where there is no distributable content but network streaming is a necessity. It is perfect for digital signage or streaming content to multiple places. With a streaming output and input capability, the DM-RMC-100-STR complements any DM switcher.

These two devices provide great installation versatility. Because of their compact form, they are easily installed discreetly anywhere. With LED indicators and connections located on the top and bottom, Crestron ensures optimal access and visibility.
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