on Cue IR Learner & Programmer

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    The BPC-HPLIR is a handheld tool designed for use with The Crestron on Cue BPC-8 Basic Presentation Controller, providing a simple means to learn IR commands from third-party remotes and upload configuration files created using the on Cue Software Tool. The BPC-HPLIR enables the installer to upload a single configuration to any number of BPC-8 controllers, transferring the file to each BPC-8 via a simple optical cable (included). there's no need to remove the BPC-8 from the wall or even remove its faceplate, and one configuration can be used repeatedly for any number of identically equipped rooms, affording quick and easy setup of each room without any need to carry around a laptop.


    Controls & Indicators
    • READY (1) Amber LED, indicates unit is ready to learn an IR command
    • SIGNAL (1) Amber LED, indicates an IR signal has been detected
    • OVERDRIVE (1) Red LED, indicates IR signal is too strong and cannot be learned
    • FAILED (1) Red LED, indicates IR command could not be learned successfully
    • COMPLETE (1) Green LED, indicates IR command has been learned successfully
    • COMPUTER (1) Green LED, indicates a computer is Connected and providing power via USB
    • LOAD (1) Green LED, indicates configuration file is being uploaded to the BPC-8
    • NO PROGRAM (1) Amber LED, indicates no configuration file EX sts in the BPC-HPLIR
    • LOW BATT (1) Red LED, indicates the battery is running low
    • TRANSFER (1) Pushbutton, initiates transmission of stored configuration file to the BPC-8
    • USB For console, USB 2.0 client
    • IR Learns infrared control commands up to 1.2 MHz[1]
    • Optical Transmits configuration file via IR to BPC-8
    Connectors & IR Receiver
    • IR In (1) IR receiver, receives IR signals up to 1.2 MHz[1];
    • For learning of IR codes
    • IR Out (1) 1000 m fiber coupler;
    • Configuration file upload link to BPC-8 ~3 ft (~1 m) optical cable included
    • COMPUTER (1) USB Type B female;
    • USB 2.0 computer console port (6 ft cable included)
    Power Requirements
    • Battery (1) 9 Volt disposable alkaline, 625 mAh (included)
    • USB 83 mA @ 5 Volts DC, overrides battery when sufficient power is available
    • Temperature 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)
    • Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
    • Plastic, black, handheld
    • Height 5.78 in (147 mm)
    • Width 3.60 in (92 mm)
    • Depth 1.12 in (29 mm)
    • 9.6 oz (272 g)