Crestron Pyng Technology

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4TEC introduces the latest in Crestron Pyng Technology.
Crestron Pyng® technology enables you to setup and control your home automation in just a few steps right from your iPad® or desktop. Pyng integrates with most every brand on the market, so lighting, thermostats, pools, sprinklers, tubs, fans, shades, locks, garage door openers, and virtually anything can be controlled. 4TEC can rapidly create lifestyle scenes for each room, schedule events, and much more without ever opening a laptop or visiting your home. 4TEC will guide you through the design and selection of products create a wiring diagram, installation process, and remote in to run through the programming when you are ready. If you are fairly technically inclined, you may not even need to call on us for programming, as it is built for a homeowner to create their own custom home scenes and schedule. Try it out, a few taps on your iPad or touchscreen.

Delivers the ultimate in Luxury living - fast and easy and a super value.

Crestron Pyng technology supports hundreds of world class products, making it fast and easy to deliver estate-level home automation on any scale. It delivers a truly spectacular homeowner experience with GUIs that include intuitive drop-downs, slide-out windows, and scrolling lists on all devices.

Amazing User Experience

Crestron Pyng technology ensures a spectacular user experience with GUIs that include dynamic dropdown and slide-out windows, and scrolling lists on all devices. Convenient source-sharing allows you to share music throughout the home all from a single window without navigating among multiple pages. With just a few taps homeowners can browse a library of over 20 beautiful backgrounds and update every touchscreen in the home.

Key Features of Pyng
  • Communicates with the Crestron Pyng® App via an internet connection
  • Interfaces with wireless and wired lighting controls, motorized shades, thermostats, security systems, door locks, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, AV, and other equipment[2]
  • Built-in infiNET EX® wireless network gateway [1,3]
  • Cresnet® master port for wired devices [1]
  • High-Speed LAN port for Ethernet devices and internet connection
  • Optional COM port expander adds an RS-232 interface for third-party devices [2]
  • Stores system configuration settings onboard
  • Cloud backup for reliability and serviceability
  • Memory card slot for event logging (Micro SD card not included)
  • Crestron “IFE” Integrator Friendly Enclosure
  • Surface or DIN rail mountable using bracket provided
  • Available rack mount and pole mount options [2]
  • PoE, Cresnet, or line powered
  • External 100-240 VAC universal power pack included

If you want to take a look at Crestron Pyng products click this link.
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