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    Item #: HOLO-3X5729

    The brand new 3X5729 is a hologram system that can easily be built into the stores fixtures, kiosks, mall displays, event center information signage, etc. with a high tech imaging system incorporated into the design. The display offers a large viewing image providing approximately 57X29 inch viewing area per side on a Triangle shaped surface. All sides have an equal amount of image space to work with, so if your media plays well on a single side it will work on all three. The image is a floating wonder, with a clear look-through technology that provides a unique experience from all angles.

    The Display technology delivers a stunning 4K image with the design of the display optimized for Holographic imaging.

    * Low power consumption due to the latest in lighting technology with the LED source.

    * Durable components by name brand companies.

    * Player will provide CEA HDR10 encoded video or HTML5 over HDMI 2.0A, 4K HDR Playback, immersive technology, from live video to social media streaming, Simultaneous live plus content. H.265 native 4K content at 60fps.

    * Live product LED lighting, for center stage view of real product display stage.
    * Interactive media multi-control.
    * Low Maintenance design with no fans required, allows for years of use with a basic cleaning process.
    * Networked operation, hard wired or WiFi, for easy content and control updates.
    * SD Storage slot for SDHC, (SDXC up to 2TB) or micro SD slot (internal)
    * Interactive triggers: USB 3.0, GPIO, RS232
    * Live Feeds: Live Text, Live mRSS, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
    * GEO Fencing trigger playback based on location
    * 3.5MM stereo Audio Out
    * HDMI 2.0 out, HDMI 2.0 In (live source) 1G network
    * Multizone playback layout allows for multiple zones of content delivery
    * IP Steraming receiver, and server built in
    * Scheduling, Usage tracking stats, Day-parting software included
    * Realtime clock
    * Sign media authoring software included

    * Dual video Engine decoding 4K native or with scaling and one 2K