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    Item #: TSW-760-FMKT


    The TSW-760-FMKT flush mount kit is an optional accessory for use with a Crestron® TSW-760 7” touch screen.

    The TSW-760-FMKT flush mount kit is designed for a flush installation of a TSW-760 touch screen onto a concrete/brick wall and drywall. The TSW-760-FMKT securely mounts the touch screen while allowing easy access, insertion and exertion by manual push and magnet detachment of the touch screen tray.When installing the TSW-760-FMKT onto a concrete/brick wall first install the TSW-760-FMKT-BBI brick wall back box for a professional installation.

    The TSW-760-FMKT is configured for installation in a 12.7mm (1/2 inch) thick glad constructions, shimming may be required if adjacent material is not 12.7 mm drywall (1/2 inch). Installation and finishes are in the same manner as drywall.