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    4-Series Control System for Crestron Home™ OS

    Provides a secure, high‑performance, cost-effective control system for use with Crestron Home™ OS. A small form factor and low profile installation make it perfect for use in single‑room systems, small to medium‑sized homes, and MDUs (multidwelling units). Provides a built-in gateway for pairing infiNET EX® and ER wireless devices.


    Wired Communications

    Ethernet 100/1000 Mbps, auto-switching, auto-negotiating, auto-discovery, full/half duplex, industry-standard TCP/IP stack, UDP/IP, CIP, DHCP, SSL, TLS, SSH, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, IPv4 or IPv6, HTTPS web server, SMTP email client

    Cresnet® Network Cresnet master mode1

    USB Supports USB mass storage class devices via the rear panel USB 2.0 host port

    RS-232 For 2-way device control and monitoring, COM port supports RS 232 up to 115.2k baud with software handshaking

    IR Supports 1 way device control via infrared up to 1.2 MHz

    Wireless Communications1

    RF Transceiver infiNET EX® network 2-way RF, 2.4 GHz ISM Channels 11-26 (2400 to 2483.5 MHz), default channel 15; IEEE 802.15.4 compliant

    Range 50 ft (15 m) to nearest mesh network device(s), subject to site-specific conditions and individual device capabilities, range between floors or ceilings is limited to one level2

    NOTE: Do not rack mount or stack multiple units when using wireless communications. Use care when positioning the device to avoid interference from nearby RF devices, obstructions, and metal surfaces.


    SDRAM 1 GB

    Flash 8 GB

    Memory Card Supports microSD® cards up to 32 GB (4 GB included)

    External Storage Supports USB mass storage devices up to 1 TB

    Connectors and Card Slots

    MEMORY (1) microSD memory card slot;

    Accepts one microSD card up to 32 GB for storage of log files;

    4 GB microSD card included

    G (1) 6-32 screw;

    Chassis ground lug

    USB (1) USB Type A connector, female;

    USB 2.0 port for storage devices

    IR IN (1) 3.5 mm TRS mini phone jack;

    For connecting CNXRMIRD IR receiver;

    Allows IR wireless control from Crestron and third‑party remotes using RC‑5 IR commands

    RELAY (1–2) (1) 4-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;

    Comprises (2) normally open, isolated relays;

    Rated 1 A, 30 VAC/VDC;

    MOV arc suppression across contacts

    VER SI (1–2) (1) 3-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;

    Comprises (2) Versiport digital input/output or analog input ports (referenced to GND);

    Digital Input: Rated for 0–24 VDC, input impedance 20k Ω, logic threshold >3.125 V low/0 and <1.875 V high/1;

    Digital Output: 250 mA sink from maximum 24 VDC, catch diodes for use with real world loads;

    Analog Input: Rated for 0–10 VDC, protected to 24 VDC maximum, input impedance 21k Ω with pull-up resistor disabled;

    Programmable 5 V, 2k Ω pull-up resistor per pin

    COM (1) 3-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;

    Bidirectional RS-232 port;

    Up to 115.2k baud; software handshaking support

    IR (1–4) (2) 4-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal blocks;

    Comprises (4) IR output ports;

    IR output up to 1.2 MHz;

    1-way Serial TTL/RS-232 (0–5 V) up to 115.2k baud

    4 IRP2 IR emitters included, additional emitters sold separately

    EX/ER (1) Connection for supplied antenna

    CRESNET (1) 4-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;

    Cresnet master port1;

    Outputs power to Cresnet devices;

    See "Power" section below for additional details

    LAN (1) 8-pin RJ-45 connector, female;

    100/1000Base-TX Ethernet port;

    PoE (Power over Ethernet) PD (Powered Device) port

    Controls and Indicators

    PWR (1) Bicolor green/amber LED, indicates operating power is present;

    Amber indicates that the device is booting and is not yet ready to operate;

    Green indicates that the device is ready to operate

    HW-R (1) Recessed push button, initiates hardware reset

    SW-R (1) Recessed push button, initiates software reset

    ACQUIRE (1) Push button with red LED, used to set up connections with wireless devices

    LAN (1) Bicolor green/amber and (1) Amber LEDs;

    Green/amber LED indicates Ethernet link status and connection speed;

    Amber LED indicates Ethernet activity


    Power Source Options PoE (Power over Ethernet)

    Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3at Type 1 (802.3af compatible) Class 0 (12.95 W) PoE Powered Device

    Available Cresnet Power 2.5 W

    Power Consumption 7 W typical


    Temperature 41 to 113 °F (5 to 45 °C)

    Humidity 10 to 90% (noncondensing)

    Heat Dissipation 24 BTU/hr


    Chassis Metal, black finish, with (2) integral mounting flanges; vented top, sides, and bottom

    Mounting Freestanding, surface mount, attach to a single rack rail, or 1 RU 19‑in. rack mountable (rack ears included)


    Height 1.07 in. (27 mm)

    Width 10.15 in. (258 mm)

    Depth 5.11 in. (130 mm)


    1.0 lb (454 g)

    Additional Information

    The 4-Series Control System for Crestron Home™ OS (MC4‑R) provides a secure, high‑performance, cost-effective control system with the embedded Crestron Home operating system. Its small form factor and versatile mounting options makes it ideal for smaller Crestron Home systems such as single-room systems, small to medium-sized homes, and MDUs (multidwelling units). The MC4‑R comes equipped with a 4‑Series multicore CPU processor that delivers remarkable speed and performance while handling the demands of an advanced automated system.

    The MC4‑R is a perfect replacement for a PYNG-HUB processor when upgrading a smaller system from Crestron Pyng® OS to Crestron Home.

    NOTE: For larger homes and systems that require additional processing power, refer instead to the CP4‑R 4‑Series Control Processor for Crestron Home™ OS.

    Built-In Crestron Home OS

    Crestron Home unlocks the full potential of a smart home. It provides dealers with the ability to deliver a sleek user interface that includes fluid dynamic room controls and new features such as support for multiple homes, favorites, custom access, room image customizations, and more.

    Refer to for more information about Crestron Home and for a list of supported Crestron and third‑party equipment.

    Wired and Wireless Device Support

    Through a full complement of onboard control ports, the MC4‑R allows Crestron Home to integrate with a wide variety of audio, video, lighting, motorized shades, thermostats, door locks, sensors, security systems, and other equipment. The MC4‑R also provides a built-in infiNET EX® wireless gateway that allows wireless devices to be paired directly to the control system and then added to the Crestron Home system.1

    System expansion is made easy using the CEN‑IO series of wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi® network I/O extenders (sold separately), which provide additional COM (CEN‑IO‑COM‑102 and CEN‑IO‑COM‑202), digital input (CEN‑IO‑DIGIN‑104 and CEN‑IO‑DIGIN‑204), IR (CEN‑IO‑IR‑104 and CEN‑IO‑IR‑204), or relay (CEN‑IO‑RY‑104 and CEN‑IO‑RY‑204) ports for integration with all kinds of third‑party equipment.

    PoE Network Powered

    Using PoE technology, the MC4‑R gets its operating power directly through the LAN wiring, eliminating the need for a local power supply or dedicated power wiring. A PoE injector (PWE‑4803RU) simply connects in line with the LAN cable at a convenient location. Crestron PoE switches (CEN‑SW‑POE-5 or CEN‑SWPOE‑16) may also be used to provide a total networking solution with built-in PoE. All PoE injectors and switches are sold separately.

    NOTE: Ethernet speed is limited to 100 Mbps when using the PWE-4803RU.

    Versatile Mounting Options

    The MC4‑R mounts conveniently to a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface. Its compact, surface-mountable form factor fits easily behind a flat panel display, beneath a tabletop, or inside other furniture, making it ideal for single-room systems. It can even be installed into an equipment rack using the included rack ears or can be attached to a single rack rail.

    Key Features

    Compact 4‑Series control system designed exclusively for Crestron Home™ OS

    1 GB SDRAM and 8 GB Flash Memory

    4‑Series multicore CPU processor delivers remarkable speed and performance

    Communicates with the Crestron Home Setup App for system configuration and the Crestron Home App for system control

    Ideal for single-room solutions, small to medium-sized homes, and MDUs (multidwelling units)

    Capable of handling systems with hundreds of devices

    Integrates control and monitoring of audio, video, lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, sensors, and other devices

    Includes built‑in IR, COM, I/O, relay, Cresnet® network, and high‑speed gigabit Ethernet control ports

    Built-in infiNET EX® wireless network gateway

    Enterprise‑class network security

    PoE (Power over Ethernet) powered

    Rack or surface mountable