Digital Graphics Engine 200 w/PinPoint™ UX & 4K DM 8G+® Input

Provides a high-performance graphics engine for the Crestron® TSD-2220 and third-party touch screen displays. Supports advanced Smart Graphics™ with dual-window video from HDMI®, DM®, and streaming sources. Its low-profile, surface-mountable design fits virtually anywhere.

Built-in PinPoint™ UX app leverages any room display to create an intelligent meeting space seamlessly integrated with Crestron Fusion® Cloud. Offers an enhanced presentation and productivity solution for meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Provides essential on-screen information and facilitates BYOD presentation without requiring a touch screen, remote, or control system.

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    The DM-DGE-200-C Digital Graphics Engine transforms an HD or Ultra HD touch screen display into an advanced Crestron controller. Featuring Crestron Smart Graphics technology, the DM-DGE-200-C provides for the creation of a completely custom graphical environment combining advanced controls for audio & video, lighting, shades, HVAC, security, and other functions with dual-window video display, annotation, audio feedback, and web browsing. Its low-profile, surface-mountable design allows for a discreet installation behind a flat-panel display, under a table, or inside a lectern or equipment rack.

    Alternately, the DM-DGE-200-C offers an enhanced presentation and productivity solution for meeting rooms and huddle spaces using Crestron PinPoint UX technology. Without requiring a touch screen or any other controls or programming, PinPoint UX leverages the rooms display to create an intelligent meeting space seamlessly integrated as part of a complete Crestron Fusion Cloud managed enterprise.

    The DM-DGE-200-C features a 4K UHD capable HDMI output for connection to the display device, and includes a USB HID port for touch, mouse, and/or keyboard input. Additional control ports are provided to enable control of the display device and other equipment.[1,2] A single HDMI input allows an AirMedia wireless presentation gateway or other high-definition video source to be connected and displayed on screen. A DM 8G+ input is included to support 4K UHD and DCI 4K sources connected at a DM transmitter or switcher.[3] Additionally, H.264 streaming video signals can be received over a high-speed Ethernet connection.[4] Ethernet also provides the interface to a Crestron control system, which is required for touch screen and OSM control applications.[5]

    PinPoint UX (coming on or before September 1, 2016)
    The DM-DGE-200-C takes any meeting room or huddle space display device to a higher level, enhancing its usability while eliminating the need for any other AV or control equipment in the room. Built-in PinPoint UX technology works with Crestron Fusion Cloud and the PinPoint appto provide an intelligent meeting space that greets attendees with useful on-screen information and facilitates BYOD presentation without the need for a touch screen, button panel, or remote.

    As attendees enter the room, the personalized welcome screen provides essential details about the current scheduled meeting along with simple instructions to guide presenters through connecting their mobile devices and starting the presentation. As the meeting progresses, gentle notifications appear periodically to indicate how much time is left in the meeting and whats scheduled next for the room. Pop-up messages may also appear prominently on screen, sent from Fusion, in the event of an emergency or other important announcement.

    With PinPoint UX, system operation is essentially invisible. Simply connecting a laptop, tablet, or other presentation source causes the video inputs to switch and the display to turn on (if not already on). Sources can be connected via a wired interface or wirelessly via Crestron AirMedia.[6] The display can also be scheduled to turn on and off at set times, or optional occupancy detection can be employed to turn the display on when motion is detected and off when the room is empty.[7]

    The status of the display and any connected devices is reported to Fusion to enable monitoring and logging of equipment usage, and notification if a device is powered off or disconnected. Complete setup and configuration of PinPoint UX is performed through a simple web browser interface or through Fusion, with the ability to configure many PinPoint UX devices at once over the network.

    Note: PinPoint UX may be used without Crestron Fusion Cloud to provide a simple standalone meeting room presentation solution with customizable welcome screen and automatic operation. PinPoint UX also supports direct integration with Microsoft Exchange Server.

    Touch Screen Interface
    For traditional touch screen control applications, the DM-DGE-200-C pairs perfectly with a Crestron TSD-2020 HD Touch Screen Display to deliver a high-definition 20 touch screen control panel thats ideal for home automation, corporate multimedia presentation, and command center applications. Third-party touch screens of varying sizes can be used with the DM-DGE-200-C to fulfill a range of control, collaboration, video display, and interactive kiosk solutions. The DM-DGE-200-C currently supports either Full HD 1080p60 (1920x1080@60Hz) or 4K UHD (3840x2160@30Hz) display resolutions.

    OSM Interface
    On-screen menu (OSM) capability offers an alternative to touch screen control, enabling a fully-customizable control menu to appear on any TV or video display, with simple navigation provided using the same Crestron handheld remote thats controlling the TV. A USB mouse may also be used. The DM-DGE-200-C delivers stunning menu graphics that pop up unobtrusively at the edge of the screen alongside the video image, letting you quickly adjust lighting and climate control settings, lower the shades, check security system status, and lock or unlock the front door without interrupting the movie or TV program youre watching. Detailed alert messages can also appear on screen in case of a security alarm, doorbell, or other event. You can even pop up a live streaming camera window to see whos at the door or coming up the driveway.

    Smart Graphics
    The DM-DGE-200-C uses Smart Graphics to deliver the ultimate user experience and the ultimate value by enabling the creation of dynamically rich user interfaces with incredible efficiency and unparalleled functionality. Using Smart Graphics, programmers can swiftly integrate fluid gesture-driven controls, animated feedback, rich metadata, embedded apps and widgets, and full-motion video for a deeply engaging and ultra-intuitive touch screen experience.

    Crestron Smart Graphics offers these enhancements and more:

    • Cool-looking graphical buttons, sliders, knobs, and gauges that are intuitive and fun to use
    • Kinetic effects to enhance the feeling of realism, with lists and toolbars that scroll with momentum at the flick of a fingertip
    • Drag-and-drop objects that snap into place, offering an easy way to switch sources
    • Dashboard widgets to personalize the touch screen with clocks, weather, news, and other information [8]
    • A power-saving screensaver that can display the time, temperature, and other text content at a reduced brightness level
    • Customizable themes allowing a completely different look and feel for every user, event, or season
    • Fully-developed SmartObjects that enable sophisticated control over complex devices with minimal programming
    • A consistent look and feel across touch screens of varying sizes

    HD Streaming Video
    High-definition streaming video capability makes it possible to view security cameras and other video sources over the network right on the touch screen. Native support for H.264 and MJPEG formats allows the DM-DGE-200-C to display live streaming video from an IP camera, a streaming encoder (Crestron CEN-NVS200, DM-TXRX-100-STR, or similar), or a DigitalMedia switcher.[4]

    4K DM 8G+ Input
    Via its DM 8G+ input, the DM-DGE-200-C allows the display of video sources with resolutions up to Ultra HD and DCI 4K. Connectivity for such sources can be provided through a DM 8G+ transmitter or a DM switcher.[3,5,9]

    HDMI Input
    An HDMI input is included to allow a local HD video source to be connected and displayed. Wireless presentation capability can also be enabled by connecting an AirMedia gateway (AM-101) to the HDMI input, allowing Wi-Fi enabled laptops and mobile devices to connect wirelessly to the DM-DGE-200-C. Please note that the maximum resolution supported by the HDMI input is 1080p60 (1920x1080@60Hz).

    HDCP 2.2 Support
    Industry-leading support for HDCP 2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) ensures seamless compatibility with content-protected DVD, Blu-ray Disc, broadcast TV, and Internet TV sources. HDCP 2.2 is supported through the DM 8G+ input and HDMI output, while the HDMI input supports HDCP 1.2.

    Web Browsing
    Using the DM-DGE-200-Cs built-in web browser, its possible to access online program guides and other web-based services at the touch of a button, allowing enhanced touch screen control of DVRs and other appliances without having to pick up a separate tablet or smartphone. If a device can be controlled or managed through a web browser, it can be integrated into the Crestron system through the DM-DGE-200-C. Of course, the web browser may also be used to simply browse the Internet, watch online videos, and check up on social media.[8]

    Multi-Touch Support
    Paired with the TSD-2020 or other multi-touch compatible touch screen display, the DM-DGE-200-C affords enhanced capabilities for browsing web pages using multi-touch gestures.

    On-Screen Keyboard
    An on-screen multi-language keyboard allows for quick entry of passwords, URLs, and text searches.

    Built-in Annotation
    Whether conducting a high-level boardroom meeting or training seminar, sharing ideas in a huddle space, or watching sports in your home theater, annotation helps put the fine point on any presentation. Native to the DM-DGE-200-C, annotation provides the ability to illustrate your thoughts on-the-fly, letting you draw and write over video and computer images, and sketch out ideas on a whiteboard screen.

    Remote annotation capability allows multiple participants, each with a separate touch screen, to draw with their fingertips over the same video image or whiteboard, enabling enhanced collaboration in a classroom, courtroom, or council chamber. Remote annotation works using multiple DM-DGE-200-Cs and other Crestron touch screens. Adding a dedicated DM-DGE-200-C to the main display in any room allows the annotation session to be viewed by the entire audience.

    Device Controller
    The DM-DGE-200-C includes built-in RS-232 and IR control ports to allow for programmable control of the connected display and other devices via the control system. Additional control capability is afforded by harnessing the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) signal embedded in HDMI. Via its Ethernet connection to the control system, the DM-DGE-200-C provides a gateway for controlling the display device right through its HDMI connection, potentially eliminating the need for any dedicated serial cables or IR emitters.[1,2]

    Low-Profile Installation
    The DM-DGE-200-C mounts conveniently to a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface. Its compact, surface-mountable form factor fits easily behind a flat panel display, beneath a tabletop, or inside a lectern or other furniture. It can even be attached directly to a single rack rail in the back of an equipment cabinet. When paired with a wall-mounted TSD-2020 HD Touch Screen Display, the DM-DGE-200-C can be installed within the optional TSD-2020-WMK-BB back box, allowing for a completely hidden appearance.

    Key Features
    • Touch screen graphics engine for the Crestron® TSD-2220 or a third-party USB HID compliant touch screen
    • Also supports OSM applications without a touch screen
    • PinPoint™ UX feature delivers an automated enterprise meeting room solution managed by Crestron Fusion® Cloud (coming soon!)
    • HDMI® output supports Full HD 1080p60 and 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160@30Hz) display resolutions
    • Displays dual-window or full screen video from HDMI, DM 8G+®, and H.264 streaming inputs [4,10]
    • Supports video input resolutions up to 4K UHD and DCI 4K via DM 8G+ or up to 1080p60 via HDMI
    • Receives H.264 streaming video signals up to 1080p60/25Mpbs [4]
    • DM 8G+ input supports cable lengths up 330 ft (100 m) [8]
    • HDCP 2.2 and 1.4 compliant
    • Crestron Smart Graphics™
    • Built-in annotation capabilities
    • Customizable audio feedback
    • Built-in web browsing
    • On-screen multi-language keyboard
    • Customizable screensaver
    • USB 2.0 port supports most USB HID compliant touch screens, mice, and keyboards
    • High-speed 10/100 Ethernet LAN port
    • Enables device control via CEC, IR, and RS-232 [1,2]
    • 100-240V universal power pack included
    • Compact, surface-mountable form factor fits in tight spaces


    Graphics EngineCrestron Smart Graphics
    FeaturesLocal and remote annotation, multi-language web browser [7], 10-point multi-touch support, multi-language on-screen keyboard, screensaver, built-in PinPoint UX application
    Video WindowingScalable dual video windowing, displays any combination of HDMI, DM 8G+, and/or streaming sources [4,10] (Note: Only full screen video is supported using PinPoint UX)
    PinPoint UX Logo/Background File SupportGIF, JPEG, PNG
    Smart GraphicsArabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai
    On-Screen KeyboardArabic, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French (Canada), French (Switzerland), German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
    Web BrowserArabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmal, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
    Crestron Fusion CloudChinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch (Netherlands), English (US), English (UK), French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish
    Flash4 GB
    Maximum Project Size1 GB
    Ethernet10/100 Mbps, auto-switching, auto-negotiating, auto-discovery, full/half duplex, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, CIP, DHCP, SSL, TLS, SSH, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), IEEE 802.1X, SNMP, IPv4 or IPv6, web browser setup, Crestron control system integration [5]
    USB HostSupports the Crestron TSD-2220 touch screen display and most third-party USB HID compliant touch screens, mice, and keyboards
    USB DeviceFor computer console (installer setup and firmware update)
    RS-2322-way device control and monitoring up to 115.2k baud with hardware and software handshaking [1]
    IR/Serial1-way device control via infrared up to 1.1 MHz or serial TTL/RS-232 (0-5 Volts) up to 19.2k baud [1]
    DigitalMediaDM 8G+, HDCP 2.2, EDID, Ethernet, PoDM sourcing
    HDMI, InputHDCP 1.4, EDID, CEC [2]
    HDMI, OutputHDCP 2.2, EDID, CEC [2]
    NOTE: Supports management of HDCP and EDID; supports management of CEC between the connected HDMI devices and a control system
    Pointing Device Support
    The DM-DGE-200-C is compatible with the Crestron TSD-2220 touch screen display and most third-party USB HID compliant touch screens, mice, and keyboards
    Streaming Decoder
    Video FormatsH.264 (MPEG-4 part 10 AVC), MJPEG
    Audio FormatsAAC stereo
    BitratesUp to 25 Mbps [4]
    ResolutionsUp to 1080p60
    Input Signal TypesDM 8G+, HDMI (DVI & Dual-Mode DisplayPort compatible [11])
    Output Signal TypesHDMI (DVI compatible [11])

    Maximum Input Resolutions
    DM 8G+Progressive4096x2160 DCI 4K
    3840x2160 Ultra HD
    24 Hz4:4:430 bit
    30 Hz4:4:424 bit
    30 Hz4:2:236 bit
    60 Hz4:2:024 bit
    2560x1600 WQXGA60 Hz4:4:436 bit
    1920x1080 HD 1080p60 Hz4:4:436 bit
    Interlaced1920x1080 HD 1080i30 Hz4:4:436 bit
    HDMIProgressive1920x1080 HD 1080p60 Hz4:4:436 bit
    NOTE: Common input resolutions are shown; other custom input resolutions are supported at pixel clock rates up to 300 MHz for the DM 8G+ input, or 148 MHz for the HDMI input; interlaced video is not supported via the HDMI input
    Output Resolutions1920x1080@60Hz (1080p60), 3840x2160@30Hz (4K UHD)
    NOTE: All video inputs are automatically scaled to the operative output resolution when displayed full screen.
    Input Signal TypesDM 8G+, HDMI (Dual-Mode DisplayPort compatible [11]) [9]
    Output Signal TypesHDMI
    DM Input FormatsUp to 8 channel LPCM
    HDMI Input Formats2 channel LPCM
    HDMI Output FormatsUp to 8 channel LPCM
    Audio Feedback FormatsMP3
    CONSOLE, USB(1) USB Micro-A connector, female;
    USB computer console port;
    Type A to Micro-A USB cable included
    IR 1 – 2(1) 4-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;
    Comprises (2) IR/Serial ports [1];
    IR output up to 1.1 MHz;
    1-way serial TTL/RS-232 (0-5 Volts) up to 19200 baud
    COM(1) 5-pin 3.5 mm detachable terminal block;
    Bidirectional RS-232 port [1];
    Up to 115.2k baud, hardware and software handshaking support
    LAN(1) 8-pin RJ45 connector, female;
    10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port
    HDMI INPUT(1) HDMI Type A connector, female;
    HDMI digital video/audio input [9];
    (DVI & Dual-Mode Displayport compatible [11])
    HDMI OUTPUT(1) HDMI Type A connector, female;
    HDMI digital video/audio output;
    (DVI compatible [11])
    USB(1) USB Type A connector, female;
    USB 2.0 host port for connection of a USB HID compliant touch screen, mouse, or keyboard
    DM IN(1) 8-pin RJ45 connector, female, shielded;
    DM 8G+ input [3,5,8,9];
    PoDM PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) port
    24 VDC 2.0 A(1) 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC power connector;
    24 Volt DC power input;
    PW-2420RU power pack included
    Ground(1) 6-32 screw;
    Chassis ground lug
    Controls & Indicators
    PWR(1) Green LED, indicates operating power supplied via the local power pack, flashes while booting
    RESET(1) Recessed pushbutton for hardware reset
    SETUP(1) Red LED and (1) recessed pushbutton for Ethernet setup
    LAN(2) LEDs, green LED indicates Ethernet link status, amber LED indicates Ethernet activity
    ONLINE(1) Green LED, indicates connection to a control system via Ethernet
    HDMI IN & OUT(2) Green LEDs, indicate HDMI signal presence at the HDMI input or output
    DM IN(2) LEDs, green LED indicates DM link status, amber LED indicates video and HDCP signal presence
    Power Pack (included)Input: 1.5 Amps maximum @ 100-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz;
    Output: 2 Amps @ 24 Volts DC;
    Model: PW-2420RU
    Power Consumption24 Watts (typical without a PoDM PD connected)
    Power over DM (PoDM) SourcingIEEE 802.3at Type 1 compliant PoDM PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment), supplies up to 15.4 Watts (Class 0-3) to power one PoDM PD (Powered Device)
    Temperature32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
    Humidity10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
    Heat Dissipation81.9 BTU/hr
    ChassisMetal, black finish, with (2) integral mounting flanges, fan cooled, vented sides
    MountingFreestanding, surface mount, or attach to a single rack rail
    Height7.93 in (203 mm)
    Width9.29 in (236 mm)
    Depth1.36 in (35 mm)
    25.6 oz (726 g)
    DM 8G+ Maximum Cable Lengths

    Cable Type
    DM® Ultra Cable
    DM 8G® Cable
    (or better) [8]
    1080p60 Full HD330 ft (100 m)330 ft (100 m)330 ft (100 m)
    1920x1200 WUXGA
    1600x1200 UXGA
    2048x1080 DCI 2K
    2560x1440 WQHD230 ft (70 m)165 ft (50 m)
    2560x1600 WQXGA
    3840x2160 Ultra HD
    4096x2160 DCI 4K