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    Item #: RMK-IFE-1U


    The RMK-IFE-1U is a 1-space rack mount shelf designed to provide a 19" rack-mounting solution for Crestron products that utilize the IFE form factor. The IFE form factor is an Integrator Friendly Enclosure design that enables a variety of installation options. An IFE device comes in one of three IFE sizes: micro, small, or medium. The RMK-IFE-1U accommodates up to three micro and/or small IFE devices, or two medium IFE devices. You can also combine one medium with one micro or small device. Each device sits firmly on the shelf with its feet set into laser cut-outs, and attaches securely using screws provided with the RMK-IFE-1U. The complete assembly fits in a single 19 inch EIA rack space.