Multi-Surface Mount Kit for TPMC-4SM(D) & TPCS-4SM(D), White Smooth

Allows mounting a TPMC-4SM or TPMC-4SMD touch screen, or a TPCS-4SM or TPCS-4SMD touch screen control system, to any flat wall surface — even glass, granite, or marble!

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    Item #: MSMK-4SM-W-S


    The MSMK-4SM provides a very versatile surface mounting solution for a TPMC-4SM or TPMC-4SMD Touch Screen. It is also compatible with TPCS-4SM and TPCS-4SMD Touch Screen Control Systems. Using the MSMK-4SM, the touch screen device can be mounted directly to glass, granite, marble, plaster, smooth stone and masonry, or virtually any other flat surface using either the self-adhering mounting plate or screws. An optional angle bracket is included to allow the touch screen to be mounted at a fixed tilt of 20 degrees up or down.

    An adhesive backed raceway is also provided for use on smooth surfaces to conceal wires running to the touch screen from the floor or ceiling. The raceway is paintable, and is composed of three 3 foot (0.91 m) sections plus an assortment of elbows and couplings.


    With touch screen device installed:
    Height3.47 in (89 mm);
    3.62 in (92 mm) w/adhesive mounting plate & 20° angle bracket
    Width6.20 in (158 mm)
    Depth1.18 in (30 mm);
    1.24 in (32 mm) w/adhesive mounting plate;
    2.42 in (62 mm) w/adhesive mounting plate & 20° angle bracket