iPanel Wall Dock for iPad Air 2, White [Just Released]

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    The Crestron iPanel Wall Dock for iPad Air 2 (IDOC-PAD-LCA2-DSWC) provides a truly elegant solution for charging your iPad Air 2 [1] while simultaneously using it to control your home, business, boardroom, or classroom. The iPad Air 2 slides easily into the iPanel instantly transforming it into a stationary wall or lectern mounted touch screen. Its invertible design allows for left or right hand docking access. The iPad Air 2 can be removed just as easily from the iPanel to resume portable use at any time. Or, the included locking kit can be installed to keep the iPad Air 2 permanently in place with a full bezel surrounding the touch screen display on all four sides.

    As part of a complete Crestron control solution, an iPad Air 2 offers a very powerful and practical touch screen controller for home theater, whole-house automation, and commercial AV and room control applications. Crestron control is enabled on the iPad Air 2 by downloading and installing the [2], providing professional Crestron touch screen functionality through a very stylish and highly-customizable graphical interface. Adding the iPanel affords the advantage of wall or lectern mounted touch screen operation and battery charging.

    iPanel docks are also ideal for use with CrestronPyng.

    Simple, Versatile Mounting
    Using the bracket provided, the IDOC-PAD-LCA2-DSWC installs easily over a 2-gang US, UK, or European electrical box. It can also be attached directly to drywall and other surfaces over the front of a 2-3/8 H x 3-3/8 W (60mm H x 86mm W) cutout. When installed, it protrudes just 1 inch (26 mm) from the mounting surface. Its versatile design allows the unit to be installed so that the iPad Air 2 can be docked from either the left or right.

    Replacing an older Crestron touch screen with the IDOC-PAD-LCA2-DSWC is easy. The bracket provided installs directly over the existing back box, mounting kit, or cut-out for any of the following older models: APAD, CT-1000, LC-1000, TPS-2000L, TPS-4L, and TPS-6L.

    Crestron also offers the TSW-UMBuniversal Mounting Bracket [2], which provides a post-construction wall mounting solution that can accommodate a variety of current and future Crestron devices including the IDOC-PAD-LCA2-DSWC. The TSW-UMB makes it easy to change devices at any time without having to cut or patch the wall, or order any additional mounting hardware. For a pre-construction mounting solution, the TSW-UMB can be used along with a TSW-UMB-PMK Pre-Construction Mounting Kit [2]. Masonry and concrete applications can be accommodated using the TSW-UMB along with a TSW-550-BBI back box [2].

    Multiple Power Options
    The IDOC-PAD-LCA2-DSWC is designed to provide a clean installation with no visible wires. The only wiring required is to power and ground the unit. It can be powered using either Poe or 24 Volts DC. Poe (Power over Ethernet) allows for connection to a Poe network or Poe injector for power, while 24VDC allows for connection to a Cresnet network or power supply. Crestron offers Poe network switches (CEN-SW-POE-5 or CEN-SWPOE-16 [2]), a Poe injector (PWE-4803RU [2]), and a 24VDC power pack (PW-2407RU [2]), any of which may be used to power the iPanel Wall Dock.[3]

    - See more at: https://www.Crestron COM/products/model/IDOC-PAD-LCA2-DSWC#sthash.OOYQ2l1g.dpuf

    Additional Information

    Summary Of Features

    • Provides a stylish wall dock for the iPad Air 2 [1]
    • Transforms the iPad Air 2 into a stationary touch screen
    • Affords seamless control system integration using The Crestron App [2]
    • Ideal for use with Crestron Pyng [2]
    • Charges the iPad Air 2 while docked
    • Retains use of the devices microphone, speaker, camera, and buttons
    • Allows for easy docking and undocking
    • Invertible for left or right-hand docking access
    • Includes locking kit for permanent wall docking
    • Powered via PoE, Cresnet, or power pack [3]
    • Supports 2-gang US, UK, or European electrical wall box mounting
    • Can be mounted directly to drywall or paneling over a cutout
    • Installs easily in place of many older Crestron touch screens
    • Compatible with TSW-UMB Universal Mounting Bracket [2]
    • Pre-construction and masonry mounting options available [2]
    • Protrudes just 1 inch (26 mm) from the wall surface
    • Available in smooth white or black finishes
    - See more at: https://www.crestron.com/products/model/IDOC-PAD-LCA2-DSWC#sthash.OOYQ2l1g.dpuf