4x1 4K HDMI® Switcher

A high-performance, surface-mountable 4K/60 signal switcher with four auto-switching HDMI® inputs, advanced EDID management, QuickSwitch HD® technology, and native Crestron® control via Ethernet.

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    Item #: HD-MD4X1-4K-E


    The Crestron® HD-MD4X1-4K-E is a simple to use, ultra high-definition signal switcher with four HDMI® inputs and one HDMI output. It handles Full HD 1080p, Ultra HD, 2K, and 4K video signals with support for HDCP, 3D, Deep Color, and high-bitrate 7.1 audio. Auto-switching mode allows for completely automatic operation, while manual operation is enabled using the onboard controls, a Web browser, or a Crestron control system. Simplified setup is facilitated through the front panel OLED display or a Web browser.

    4K Ultra HD

    Support for 4K video is essential to ensuring support for the latest generation of UHD and 4K DCI displays and sources, as well as computers and monitors with native resolutions beyond 1080p and WUXGA.

    QuickSwitch HD® Technology

    Handling digital media signals means handling HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), the encryption scheme used by content providers to protect their DVDs, Blu-ray™ discs, and broadcast signals against unauthorized copying. Viewing HDCP encrypted content requires a source device to “authenticate” each display and signal processor in the system and issue it a “key” before delivering an output signal. Crestron QuickSwitch HD manages these keys to ensure fast, reliable switching and immunity to “blackouts.”

    EDID Format Management

    To ensure that every source gets displayed at its optimal resolution and format, the HD-MD4X1-4K-E provides comprehensive management of the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) information that passes between the display and source devices. Most applications require no changes to the default settings. For applications requiring custom configuration, the HD-MD4X1-4K-E allows for easy assessment of each device’s format and resolution capabilities, with the ability to configure signals appropriately for the most desirable and predictable behavior.

    CEC Embedded Device Control

    For controlling the connected display device, the HD-MD4X1-4K-E offers an alternative to conventional IR and RS-232 control by harnessing the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) signal embedded in HDMI. Using CEC, many display devices can be controlled right through their HDMI connection, eliminating the need for any dedicated serial cables or IR emitters.[1]

    Low-Profile Installation

    The HD-MD4X1-4K-E mounts conveniently to a wall or other flat surface. At just over one inch deep, it can fit easily behind a flat panel display or under a table. It can also be placed on a rack shelf, or attached to a single rack rail.

    Key Features
    • 4x1 ultra high-definition 4K/60 digital AV switcher
    • For standalone use, or as part of a fully integrated Crestron® system
    • Fully operable using onboard controls, a Web browser, or a Crestron control system
    • Simplified setup through the front panel OLED display or Web browser
    • Four HDMI® inputs and one HDMI output
    • DVI and DisplayPort Multimode compatible [2]
    • Auto-switching mode for hands-off operation
    • QuickSwitch HD® technology manages HDCP keys for fast, reliable switching
    • Comprehensive built-in EDID configuration tools
    • Enables display device control via CEC [1]
    • Handles Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD®, and uncompressed 7.1 linear PCM audio
    • High-speed Ethernet LAN connection
    • Compact, low-profile surface mount design
    • Universal 100-240V external power pack included


    4x1 digital AV switcher, auto-switching, QuickSwitch HD® technology, local or Web browser setup and control, Crestron® controllable
    Input Signal TypesHDMI® w/Deep Color, 3D, & 4K (DVI & DisplayPort Multimode compatible [2])
    Output Signal TypesHDMI w/Deep Color, 3D, & 4K (DVI compatible [2])
    Maximum Resolutions
    Scan TypeResolutionFrame RateColor SamplingColor Depth
    Progressive4096x2160 4K DCI


    3840x2160 Ultra HD
    24 Hz4:4:430 bit
    30 Hz4:4:424 bit
    30 Hz4:2:236 bit
    60 Hz4:2:024 bit
    2560x1600 WQXGA60 Hz4:4:436 bit
    1920x1080 HD 1080p60 Hz4:4:436 bit
    Interlaced1920x1080 HD 1080i30 Hz4:4:436 bit
    NOTE: Common resolutions are shown; other custom resolutions are supported at pixel clock rates up to 300 MHz
    Input Signal TypesHDMI (DisplayPort Multimode compatible [2])
    Output Signal TypesHDMI
    FormatsDolby Digital®, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS®, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24, DTS-HD High Res, DTS-HD Master Audio™, LPCM up to 8 channels [6]
    Ethernet10/100 Mbps, auto-switching, auto-negotiating, auto-discovery, full/half duplex, DHCP, Web browser setup and control, Crestron control system integration
    USBFor factory use only
    HDMI (Inputs)HDCP, EDID
    HDMI (Output)HDCP, EDID, CEC
    NOTE: Supports management of EDID; supports management of CEC between the device connected to the HDMI output and a control system
    INPUT 1 – 4(4) 19-pin Type A HDMI female;
    HDMI digital video/audio inputs;
    Also supports DVI and DisplayPort Multimode [2]
    OUTPUT(1) 19-pin Type A HDMI female;
    HDMI digital video/audio output;
    Also supports DVI [2]
    LAN(1) 8-wire RJ45 female;
    10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port
    24VDC 0.75A(1) 2.1 x 5.5 mm DC power connector;
    24 Volt DC power input;
    PW-2407WU power pack included
    SERVICE(1) USB Type A female;
    For factory use only
    Display Type2x20 character alphanumeric OLED
    FunctionsDisplays setup and configuration menus, signal information, customizable input names
    Controls & Indicators
    MENU(1) pushbutton, opens the setup menu
    Λ, V, <, >(4) pushbuttons, for menu navigation and parameter adjustment
    Enter(1) pushbutton, applies a change
    BACK(1) pushbutton, steps menu back one level
    EXIT(1) pushbutton, exits the menu
    PWR(1) bicolor green/amber LED, indicates operating power supplied from power pack, turns amber while booting and green when operating
    AUTO(1) pushbutton and green LED, selects auto-switching mode
    INPUT 1 – 4(4) pushbuttons for manual input selection, and (4) bicolor green/amber LEDs to indicate the current active input and signal presence at each corresponding input
    LAN(2) LEDs, amber LED indicates Ethernet activity, green LED indicates Ethernet link status
    Power Requirements
    Power Pack0.75 Amps @ 24 Volts DC;
    100-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz power pack, model PW-2407WU included
    Temperature32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
    Humidity10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
    ChassisMetal, black finish, with (2) integral mounting flanges
    MountingFreestanding, surface mount, or attach to a single rack rail
    Height4.08 in (104 mm)
    Width8.68 in (221 mm)
    Depth1.08 in (28 mm)
    1.35 lb (0.62 kg)