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    The Crestron Avia DSP-128 family of digital signal processors leverages the highest quality components and the expertise of veteran audio industry engineers to deliver a revolutionary audio processing platform thats actually easy to integrate and configure. It has all the features and performance top sound system designers demand complemented with an intuitive graphical workspace conceived to inspire exceptional results quickly.

    Delivering quality sound in any meeting space, performance venue, courtroom, sports facility, or house of worship demands high-performance, professional audio signal processing. A good digital signal processor (DSP) must deliver sophisticated processing, mixing, and routing for all types of audio signals with a comprehensive set of controls and adjustments to manage the behavior and sound quality of each signal. Until now, DSP products have been either limited in their functionality and flexibility or too complicated and time consuming to implement economically. With Avia, Crestron has addressed all of those concerns.

    Hybrid Channel Strip Architecture
    Most common audio DSP products come in two basic forms fixed layout or fully-configurable. One offers out-of-the-box readiness with limited flexibility while the other is best suited for use by advanced-level audio engineers who desire a fully custom signal path. Crestron marries the best of both by employing a flexible architecture using customizable channel strips and matrix mixing.

    The channel strips in the DSP-128 are composed of a selection of essential signal processing objects that are ready to use and logically arranged for optimal functionality. Fully-adjustable matrix mixing enables complete customization of the signal flow, allowing inputs to be mixed in any combination and routed to any of the outputs. Eight internal auxiliary busses are included to allow any of the inputs to be mixed and processed as a subgroup. Each input, output, and aux bus includes its own independently configurable channel strip, and any two adjacent channels can be grouped together for stereo.

    For a detailed overview of the channel strips and DSP objects, please refer to the downloadble PDF Spec Sheet.

    DSP-128 Tool Software
    Rapid system configuration and adjustment is enabled using the DSP-128 Tool software. Its clean, modern user interface provides a workspace thats easy and intuitive to navigate. The DSP-128 Tool allows setup and operation to be performed live over a USB or LAN connection, or virtual DSPs can be configured offline and uploaded locally or remotely.

    The DSP-128 Tool accelerates system setup by allowing custom channel strips to be quickly configured and saved into libraries, and then simply dragged and dropped to any input, output, or aux bus. Settings within any channel strip object or matrix bus can be copied and pasted easily between channels. Pre-configured channel strips are even included to jump-start acoustic setup, with speaker profile settings optimized for Crestron Saros speakers. Custom views and virtual mixers can be arranged and saved at any time to easily move between different setup scenarios while commissioning the system. Selected settings and objects can be saved and recalled as presets to address room combining, reconfigurable seating, zone paging, and acoustical variations in ballrooms, convention halls, stadiums, and other configurable spaces.

    Built-in Real-Time Analyzer
    Theres no need to lug an expensive RTA or signal generator on site when setting up an Avia system. Theyre built in! Every EQ and Filter object includes a professional spectrum analyzer display that overlays the EQ/filter graph, providing precise real-time visualization to facilitate optimal adjustment of equalization and crossover settings. Your choice of test microphone(s) can be connected to any spare input(s) on the DSP-128 and routed to the analyzer via either of two reference buses. A pink noise, white noise, or sine wave signal can be generated and routed to any of the outputs via a dedicated matrix bus.

    Crestron Control Integration [1]
    A complete audio DSP solution often includes integration with a control system to facilitate everyday operation and automation of the DSP and other equipment. A successful installation should be easy to operate using touch screens and keypads tailored to the customers needs and preferences. But, the design and programming required to make that happen can be extensive and costly.

    Avia offers native Crestron control system integration to substantially reduce the amount of programming required. It even eliminates much of the touch screen UI design work by allowing components within the DSP-128 Tool to be selected and exported as a Smart Graphics file containing ready-to-use SmartObject touch screen controls and meters. In fact, along with a variety of buttons and sliders, Avia supports up to 32 real-time VU meters running simultaneously on a touch screen. With minimal programming, a system integrator can provide their customer with a touch screen control solution custom tailored to their needs, with anything from a few selectable presets and volume controls to a complete virtual mixing console.

    Additional functions enabled through the control system include the ability to assign automixer logic signals to control a motorized camera or camera switcher, enabling the video image to follow the current active microphone automatically in a council chamber or courtroom. Additional integration with Crestron Fusion Cloud allows DSP activity and status to be centrally controlled, monitored, logged, and reported as part of a complete managed enterprise. Whatever the customer requires, a complete integrated Crestron system makes it possible.

    Dante Audio Networking
    System expansion and integration with other audio devices is facilitated using Dante audio networking. Available on the DSP-1281 and DSP-1283 models, Dante networking provides an additional 32 mono inputs and 32 mono outputs with full matrix mixing. Multiple DSP-128 units can be linked via Dante to expand the number of inputs and outputs in the system. Dante also provides a multichannel digital audio bridge to a Crestron DigitalMedia system via Dante-enabled DM switcher I/O blades. Additionally, Dante networking enables plug and play integration with other Dante-enabled mixers, switchers, sources, amplifiers, and computers. To simplify configuration of the Dante network, the Dante Controller application is built into the DSP-128 Tool.[2]

    USB Audio Interface
    The DSP-1282 and DSP-1283 models each include a USB Audio port, which can be connected to a computer, codec, or other USB Audio host. This USB 2.0 interface allows integration with aCrestron RL 2 Group Collaboration System to enable the routing of stereo input and output signals between the DSP-128 and the Crestron RL 2 codec. It can also be used to provide up to eight independent output signals to feed a computer based court recording system.[2]

    Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    High-performance adaptive AEC on each analog input of the DSP-1282 and DSP-1283 models enables high-quality audio conferencing capability for systems with multiple table or ceiling microphones. Low-latency, full-bandwidth performance affords highly-effective echo cancellation with natural sound quality. AEC is employed independently per microphone, with a fast convergence rate of 100 dB per second and tail lengths up to 300 ms.

    SIP & POTS Phone Interface
    The DSP-1282 and DSP-1283 models each include a built-in audio conferencing interface and phone dialer to enable full-duplex voice conferencing capability over a SIP or POTS phone line. Crestron Rava technology allows Avia to interface over Ethernet with a SIP-compatible phone system or other SIP compatible device. An RJ11 POTS interface is also built in to allow for direct connection to a conventional analog phone line or extension port. Using either SIP or POTS, participants can leverage a control system touch screen to place outgoing calls, receive incoming calls, and control the entire session.[1,2]

    Summary Of Features

    • Engineered to deliver exceptional pro audio performance with faster, easier implementation
    • Ready to go out of the box and extensively configurable
    • Hybrid channel strip architecture
    • Customizable input and output channel strips
    • Eight internal aux buses with channel strips
    • Full set of selectable channel strip objects
    • Fully-adjustable matrix mixing
    • Clean and intuitive software tool workspace
    • Real-time configuration and adjustment without compiling
    • Work offline or live via Ethernet or USB
    • Native Crestron system integration for rapid programming [1]
    • Seamless export of Smart Graphics touch screen UI files
    • Seamless integration with Crestron RL 2 and DM
    • Easy integration with third-party codecs and court recording systems
    • SIP or POTS audio conferencing interface [2]
    • High-performance acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) [2]
    • Fully automatic microphone mixing
    • Logic output for control of cameras and switchers [1]
    • Built-in real-time spectrum analyzer and noise generator
    • Highest-quality converters, preamps, and line amps
    • Up to twelve mic/line inputs with 66 dB gain range
    • Up to eight +24 dB balanced line outputs
    • 32x32 Dante audio network interface [2]
    • 8x8 USB Audio interface [2]
    • Front panel meters on select models
    • Up to 32 real-time VU meters on a touch screen [1]
    • Enterprise-grade Ethernet networking
    • Crestron Fusion Cloud remote monitoring [1]
    • Internal universal power supply
    • Single-space 19 rack mountable
    • Five models available
    • Companion 8-channel power amplifiers available