DigitalMedia™ D Cable, non-plenum, 500 ft spool

Provides a DigitalMedia upgrade path for existing systems using QuickMedia or CresCAT cabling, and enables wiring for DigitalMedia through smaller conduits.

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    Item #: DM-CBL-D-NP-SP500


    Crestron DM-CBL-D-NP is a special "D-only" version of our standard DigitalMedia Cable (DM-CBL-NP). It is designed to afford a DigitalMedia upgrade path for existing systems by converting QuickMedia™ (QM) or Crestron Home® CAT5 Balanced AV (CH) wiring to handle DigitalMedia (DM) signals. It also allows wiring for DM to fit in a 3/4 inch conduit by running one DM-CBL-D-NP along with one CAT5e and one piece of Cresnet® control cable (CRESNET-NP).

    A QM system is typically wired using CRESCAT-QM-NP QuickMedia Cable, while a CH system commonly uses CRESCAT-NP Crestron Home CAT5 AV Cable. Either of these cable types is perfectly suited for handling the "M" and "DMNet" portions of a DM signal. All that's missing is the high-bandwidth/low-crosstalk "D" cable, which is easily added by installing a single piece of DM-CBL-D-NP alongside the existing cable, forming the equivalent of a single run of standard DigitalMedia Cable.[1]

    Refer to the DM-CBL-NP specification for complete information about standard DigitalMedia Cable.

    For plenum applications, use DM-CBL-D-P.


    Four twisted pair, each pair isolated by an internal spline within an inner jacket, shield, braid, and overall jacket
    (4) Twisted Pairs
    ColorsBlue/white, orange/white, green/white, brown/white
    Conductors24 AWG x8 solid copper
    Insulation0.0055 inch thick HDPE
    Outer Diameter (per conductor)1.028 ±0.02 mm
    ShieldAluminum/Mylar tape w/aluminum on the outside
    BraidTin/copper (45% coverage)
    Mutual Capacitance5600 pF / 100 m
    Capacitance Unbalance330 pF / 100 m
    Characteristic Impedance100 ohms ±15% (1-250 MHz)
    Inner Jacket
    Thickness0.015 inch
    Outer Jacket
    Thickness0.018 inch
    Outer Diameter0.3 inch (7.62 mm) nominal
    Minimum Recommended Bend Radius3.5 inches
    Maximum Pull Tension28 lbf
    NEC Article 800; UL Subject 444, Type CM; CSA Type CMG