CresFiber® 8G Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable, plenum, 2 km spool

Crestron CresFiber® 8G SM is single-mode step-index fiber optic cable for use with long-distance DigitalMedia 8G™ SMF solutions.

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    High-performance CresFiber 8G SM is single-mode step-index fiber optic cable engineered by Crestron to support long-distance DigitalMedia cable runs in large buildings, campuses, and municipalities. When used with DigitalMedia8GSingle-Mode Fiber (DM 8G SMF) devices, CresFiber 8G SM guarantees consistent performance over cable runs up to 12 km (7.5 miles).[1] It is tested to wavelengths up to 1550 nm and meets the requirements of ITU-T G.652.D.

    CresFiber 8G SM provides two individually jacketed fiber strands in a composite side-by-side "zip-cord" construction. This duplex configuration affords a complete DM 8G SMF solution with send and return channels in one cable. It is also ideal for individual DM 8G SMF wire runs where a spare backup fiber strand is desired. Zip-cord cable construction helps simplify termination, eliminating any need for a separate breakout assembly or intermediary splice.

    CresFiber 8G SM is plenum-rated for use in an environmental air-handling space. It is sold in 2 km (6561 ft) spools. Meter markers are printed on the outer jacket making it easy to determine the exact length of each cable run when commissioning the installed system. Termination of CresFiber 8G SM cable can be accomplished using Crestron CRESFIBER8G-SM-CONN-LC-12 connectors and the CRESFIBER-TK termination kit.

    Single-Mode Fiber Strands (x2)
    Fiber CoreType: Single-mode step-index[2];
    Cladding Diameter: 125.0 µm ±0.7 µm;
    Primary Coating Diameter: 245 µm ±7 µm;
    Cable Cutoff Wavelength: <1260 nm;
    Mode Field Diameter: 9.0 µm ±0.4 µm @ 1310 nm, 10.1 µm ±0.5 µm @ 1550 nm;
    Maximum Attenuation: 0.40 dB/km @ 1310 nm, 0.30 dB/km @ 1550 nm;
    Temperature Dependence: ≤0.05 dB/km @ -76° to 185° F (-60° to 85° C);
    Zero Dispersion Slope: 0.090 ps/(nm2·km);
    Maximum PMD Link Design Value[3]: 0.06 ps/√km;
    Group Refraction Index: 1.467 @ 1310 nm, 1.468 @ 1550 nm;
    Proof Test: 100 kpsi

    Type: Tight;
    Diameter: 900 µm nominal;
    Colors: Blue, Orange

    Strength MemberMaterial: Aramid yarns
    Outer Jacket
    ConstructionParallel extruded "zip-cord" composite
    MaterialLow-smoke PVC
    Outer Diameter0.114 x 0.235 inch (2.9 x 6.0 mm) nominal
    ColorYellow w/black text
    Maximum Tensile Load225 lbf (1000 N) for installation, 112 lbf (500 N) long-term
    Minimum Bend Radius10x outer diameter, unloaded
    Crush Resistance (EIA 455-41)100 N/cm
    Impact Resistance (EIA 455-25)25 impacts minimum
    Flexing, ±90° (EIA 455-104)25 cycles minimum
    Operating Temperature-4° to +185°F (-20° to +85°C)
    Installation Temperature+32° to +167°F (0° to +75°C)
    Storage Temperature-40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C)
    12 lb/1000 ft (18 kg/km) nominal