Automation Enclosure, 5 modules high x 1 module wide, 20 breaker slots, three phase

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    Item #: CAEN-5X1-MLO-120/3P


    Crestron CAEN-MLO automation enclosures are designed to provide a professional centralized dimming solution for residential and commercial applications. CAEN-MLO enclosures are available in three physical sizes, providing options for both surface and flush wall mount installation. Each model has been engineered to provide a clean and manageable installation with abundant provisions for wire termination and electrical knockouts.


    Load Ratings
    • Per Channel Refer to each CLX Series module spec sheet
    • Load Types Refer to each CLX Series module spec sheet
    Main Lug
    • Line Power, 3-Phase 120/208 Volts AC, 225 Amps maximum, 50/60 Hz phase to-neutral
    • Line Power, Split-Phase 120/240 Volts AC, 225 Amps maximum, 50/60 Hz phase to-neutral
    • Maximum Wire Gauge 4/0 AWG (CAEN-5X1/5X2-MLO), 2/0 AWG (CAEN-3X1-MLO)
    Circuit Breakers
    • Types Eaton CHF120, CHFCAF120PN, and CHFGF120PN; single-pole, 20A, 10kAIC rated; see Available Accessories for Crestron model numbers
    • Maximum Wire Gauge 4 AWG
    • Temperature 32 to 104F (0 to 40C)
    • Humidity 10% to 90% RH (Non-Condensing)
    • 16 Gauge galvanized steel backbox with perforated grey steel cover, surface or flush wall mount, invertible
    Backbox Dimensions
    • CAEN-5X1-MLO Height 62.75 in (1594 mm)
    • Width 16.10 in (409 mm)
    • Depth 4.98 in (127 mm)
    • CAEN-5X1-MLO 50.0 lb (22.68 kg)

    Additional Information

    Key Features
    • Centralized lighting and automation for residential and commercial applications
    • Configurable using CLX Series lighting control modules
    • Provides up to 20 breaker slots per enclosure (or 6 in the smallest model)
    • Thermal magnetic, ground fault, and combination arc fault breakers available
    • Enables up to 80 controlled circuits in a single enclosure
    • Available with split phase or three phase main lugs
    • Designed for use as a sub panel
    • Supports centralized and distributed system topologies
    • Accommodates a Crestron automation control system
    • Available in three convenient sizes
    • Allows surface or flush wall mounting
    • Allows inverted mounting for use in flood prone areas
    • All metal composition with a generous assortment of knockout openings
    • Includes vented front cover with hinged breaker access door and dead front
    • Includes grounding blocks and low voltage partitions
    • Additional mounting and termination accessories available
    • Features quiet, reliable, and efficient convection cooling
    • UL Listed panel shop fabrication service available