Crestron Officially Partnered with Sonos!

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Have you heard the latest Crestron news?! Well, hold onto your seats people because this one might just blow you away…..

Crestron has now officially partnered with Sonos!!!

That’s right—the global leader in custom home automation and control technology has now joined forces with the leading home sound system to deliver a whole new home audio experience for consumers. It’s no secret that Crestron is known for driving innovation by partnering with industry-leading manufacturers from across the globe. With each new partnership, it is easy to believe that “this one” is going to be hard to top. However, once again, Crestron has completely exceeded all of our expectations!

Crestron specializes in designing and integrating systems that allow users to control everything in your home or building—from lighting and shading to HVAC and security—with the simple touch of a button. Thanks to the recent groundbreaking partnership with Crestron and Sonos, however, users now have the ability to search and stream their favorite Sonos music directly from their in-home Crestron devices as well.

According to John Clancy, VP of residential systems at Crestron, the “new collaboration with Sonos is a big win for Crestron dealers and the upscale homeowners they serve.” Thanks to the new partnership, it is now easier than ever “to integrate Sonos on any scale, from a single room to an entire estate, into a custom Crestron home automation system.”

With Sonos in sync with Crestron, the music now goes wherever you go. So, dance like nobody’s watching and sing like nobody’s listening, as you let your music flow freely through any room of the house, with just ONE touch of a button.
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