Sonos® BOOST Wireless Streaming Network Device, White (BOOSTUS1), Sold in the US only, MSRP/List price shown is the MINIMUM resale price

Creates a dedicated wireless network for Sonos streaming devices.

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    Item #: SNS-BOOSTUS1

    Sonos is the world’s leading wireless Home Sound System that fills all the rooms in your home with high-quality streaming music, movies, and TV. Sonos streaming music players and wireless speakers fit cohesively with Crestron® home automation solutions, allowing touch screen access to a wide variety of streaming music services, and enabling audiophile-quality wireless audio throughout the home. To simplify purchasing and integration of our combined powerhouse technologies, Crestron is proud to offer the complete line of Sonos products, now available for purchase through Crestron dealers (in the United States only).

    BOOST creates a separate, dedicated wireless network for use by Sonos streaming devices, so you can enjoy all your music all over your home without interruption. By creating its own network, BOOST eliminates interference from other wireless devices on your existing Wi-Fi® network.

    Key Features
    • Reliable – Streams without interference in the most challenging wireless environments
    • Bypasses your Wi-Fi network to create a separate high-performance wireless network just for Sonos speakers
    • Broadcasts 360° signals through walls and ceilings for flawless coverage
    • Simple setup – Connects directly to your router