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    The newest home and business zoned audio system by Crestron we coin as Adagio 2.0 delivers the finest in audio and lifestyle. From the iPad screens to the sound that fills your life with passion and entertainment. Your home will welcome the new day with scheduled playlist for waking up and carry on into your favorite 6 o'clock workout music. The intelligent sound system by Crestron can take control of your lighting, the heating and air conditioning, cameras, doorbell, door locks. If you want a custom smart or intelligent home call on us to design, install, and manage your system. The system will control sound from 24 devices or sources: TV, cable, radio, phone, Pandora, etc. With up to 8 rooms of independent listening at your fingers touch. All of the speakers are the latest technology in small speaker high performance HD audio. This kit is to replace existing Adagio systems that have the same number of zones. If you would like to order the system with the cabling for new installation please contact or chat with us live for real tech information right away.