Limited Supply Please Contact for Availability. 2-Channel HDBaseT Certified 4K DigitalMedia 8G+ Output Card for DM Switchers

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Item #: DMC-4K-CO-HD
The DMC-4K-CO-HD is an output card designed for use with any card-based Crestron DigitalMedia switcher. It provides two independent DM 8G+ outputs, plus one HDMI output. The HDMI output carries the same signal as the first DM 8G+ output. Both DM 8G+ outputs are compatible with HDBaseT Each DM 8G+ output enables connection to a DM 8G+ receiver, the input of another DM switcher, or an HDBaseT certified display device or receiver, using a single CAT type twisted pair cable.[1] Power over DM (PoDM) is supplied through the same connection, providing a centralized power source for PoDM compatible receivers.[2]