VHDCI Interconnect Cable for AUD-BOB-1602, 8 ft

Choice of 8 ft or 20 ft multichannel audio interconnect cables for use with the AUD-BOB-1602 16-Channel Analog Audio Breakout Box.

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    Item #: CBL-VHDCI-8


    Available in 8 and 20 ft. (2.44 and 6.1 m) lengths, these multichannel audio interconnect cables afford extra Flexibility for configuring an equipment rack containing a blade-based DigitalMedia switcher with one or more AUD-BOB-1602 16-Channel Analog Audio Breakout Boxes. Each AUD-BOB-1602 is sold with the choice of two 8 ft. cables, or two 20 ft. cables, included. These cables are also sold individually to facilitate applications requiring two different lengths, or to simply replace one length with the other.