Campus Technology Solution – Basic Single Display Classroom

A ready-to-deploy, pre-packaged classroom technology solution featuring the Crestron® DMPS3-4K-100-C DigitalMedia™ Presentation System and AM-101 AirMedia® Presentation Gateway. Makes it easy to deliver a consistent multimedia classroom presentation experience across any-sized campus.

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    Item #: EDU-1000

    Provide a simple, scalable, and consistent classroom experience

    Crestron® Campus Technology Solutions offer a quick path to transforming and standardizing every classroom, lab, and meeting space across an entire college campus. Each kit comes ready-to-deploy and includes everything you need to provide a consistent multimedia classroom experience for instructors and students. Each room features simple and intuitive functionality, so an instructor or guest lecturer can simply walk into any room and start presenting quickly.

    Crestron AirMedia® wireless presentation capability, as well as auto-switching wired inputs, allow anyone to connect and present easily using their own laptop or mobile device. Just as easily, they can use a document camera, computer, or other media source installed at the lectern. All Crestron Campus Technology Solutions are built on the same unified platform with enterprise-grade network management and security, so every space can be monitored, managed, scheduled, and controlled securely by authorized staff from any location on or off campus.[1]

    Basic classroom solution
    The EDU-1000 kit provides a scalable solution ideal for typical classrooms. Featuring the Crestron DMPS3-4K-100-C DigitalMedia™ Presentation System and AM-101 AirMedia Presentation Gateway, it supports a single video display plus a confidence monitor, and provides up to eight inputs including AirMedia wireless connectivity.

    Optional Crestron speakers, amplifiers, and DSPs may be added if required. Enhanced connectivity and cable management options are available using Crestron FlipTops™ or Crestron Connect It™ cable caddies.

    What’s included:

    • 3-Series® 4K DigitalMedia presentation system
    • AirMedia Presentation Gateway
    • 4K DigitalMedia 8G+® Receiver
    • Tabletop pushbutton control panel
    • HDMI®, CAT5e, serial, and Cresnet® cables

    Easy to install – no programming required
    Crestron Campus Technology Solutions are incredibly easy to install. Setup and configuration is made simple using the web browser-based tool. Just select your sources and display, set up device control, and you’re good to go. Rooms are up and running in minutes without writing a single line of code. Customization is enabled using Crestron Studio® software to add any special functionality desired.

    Easy to use
    Its straightforward pushbutton controller makes the system easy and intuitive for anyone to use. Simple one-touch functions let instructors get right to the point.

    Campus scheduling, monitoring, and reporting
    Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling services add a valuable layer of intelligence to every classroom and meeting space on campus.

    • Room scheduling – Crestron Fusion integrates with popular room calendaring platforms to maximize workflow and room usage. Rooms are automatically set up for use so everything’s ready to go when the instructor walks in, and can even be returned to inventory in the event of a “no-show” to make the room available to others.
    • Help desk support – During classes and meetings, attendees can contact the help desk directly from the control panel in the room. Crestron Fusion sends event alerts to IT staff, enabling them to quickly resolve issues remotely to maximize uptime. Crestron Fusion stores all technical documentation room-by-room for quick reference.
    • Global device monitoring – Crestron Fusion sends real-time status notifications for each device in any room on the network, so support staff can resolve issues before they interrupt workflow. Additionally, support staff can automatically receive reminders to perform routine maintenance.
    • Data collection and reporting – Crestron Fusion collects data and generates detailed reports about room and device usage to help institutions optimize their investment in space and technology.

    Cloud-based deployment and management
    Crestron campus technology reaches out to the cloud for easy, cost-effective, and efficient deployment and management. Simply assign the room solution to a location, provision it based on your protocol, and it’s ready to go. There’s no time consuming programming, and no proprietary programming languages. It’s simple, browser-based management with the network security IT professionals demand.

    • Crestron Device Management SaaS – Manage thousands of devices in the amount of time it would ordinarily take to manage one.
    • Integrate – No-programming cloud AV management solution
    • Deploy and Manage – Organize devices by groups and subgroups; silently push settings and firmware to one or all devices; apply, transfer, and remove device features and licenses
    • Monitor – Live status and full monitoring of every connected device

    Network security
    Crestron campus technology supports the standard network security policies organizations already have in place. Every Crestron device is engineered with absolute security in mind.

    • 802.1x ensures devices on the network have been explicitly sanctioned by the network administration team, which protects against unauthorized devices being added to the network
    • Active Directory® ensures administrative privileges and access rights of individuals are centrally managed
    • Industry-standard AES block cipher with robust PKI for AV content encryption to protect content from unauthorized access as it traverses the network
    • SSL ensures that control systems and endpoint devices communicate only with intended devices and that commands and status cannot be monitored by unauthorized devices on the network
    • SSH-based command-line console access for device configuration and status protects the device console from access by unauthorized users
    • HTTPS authenticates and encrypts the web interface to ensure device settings are only accessed by authorized users

    Global presence, local support
    Crestron is dedicated to providing the best service and support in the industry, with offices in every major market and country around the globe. There are tens of thousands of certified Crestron engineers and technicians ready to assist you if needed. Count on our award-winning True Blue Service and Support Team to handle any issues 24/7 or even go on-site anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.

    Key Features
    • A complete classroom AV technology solution
    • Easy to purchase and deploy across any-sized campus
    • Everything needed (except the display device and sources) for a single-display classroom
    • Simple web-browser configuration – no programming required
    • AirMedia® wireless presentation from laptops, tablets, and smartphones
    • 4K video presentation via multiple HDMI® inputs
    • VGA inputs for legacy analog sources
    • Easily select sources and control the display from a pushbutton control panel
    • View at the lectern with an optional video monitor
    • Cloud-based provisioning and management support [1]
    • Integrates with room scheduling applications [1]
    • Control the room display via RS-232, CEC, or IR
    • World-class service and support
    Included Components
    AM-101AirMedia Presentation Gateway, Qty. 1
    DMPS3-4K-100-C3-Series 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System 100, Qty. 1
    DM-RMC-4K-100-C-1G-B-TWall Plate 4K DigitalMedia 8G+ Receiver & Room Controller 100, Black Textured, Qty. 1
    MP-B10-B-TMedia Presentation Button Panel B10, Black Textured, Qty. 1
    TTK-MP/MPC/IPAC-B-TTabletop Kit for MP-B10, Black Textured, Qty. 1
    CBL-HD-6High-Speed HDMI Cable, 18 Gbps, 6 ft (1.8 m), Qty. 5
    CBL-HD-12High-Speed HDMI Cable, 18 Gbps, 12 ft (3.6 m), Qty. 1
    CBL-VGA-AUD-6VGA Interface Cable w/Audio, 6 ft (1.8 m), Qty. 1
    CBL-CAT5E-7CAT5e Cable, RJ45-to-RJ45, Black, 7 ft (2.1 m), Qty. 2
    CBL-CAT5E-P-50CAT5e Cable, Plenum, RJ45-to-RJ45, 50 ft (15 m), Qty. 1
    CBL-SERIAL-DB9-L-12Serial Cable, DB9F to Flying Leads, 12 ft (3.6 m), Qty. 1
    CBL-CRESNET-8Cresnet Control Cable, 8 ft (2.44 m), Qty. 1
    Note: For additional details and specifications, refer to the individual spec sheet for each component.