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Have you ever thought that you could actually make programs on a transparent touch screen? You would usually see this technology in fantasy movies but it's real! We call them transparent OLED displays. Transparent organic light-emitting device, or TOLED for short, is a display technology that uses transparent electrodes and light emitting materials in an organic light-emitting device (OLED). TOLED embeds OLED technology in transparent glass or polycarbonate that emits light.

Example of TOLED

Because TOLED displays that emit light from both top and bottom are 70% transparent when not in use, they are capable of being incorporated into everyday items such as eyeglasses, car windshields, or windows.

Example of Car Dashboard made with TOLED

At 4TEC, we have taken this technology to provide custom designed displays for your business. These new transparent digital screens can be utilized in fields such as retail and medical imaging and can be implemented into devices such as computers, touch panels, and kiosks.

With an extensive background in holograms where we have often utilized TOLEDs, our experience with creating, installing, and media production of these displays is surpassed by none. Take your displays a step into the future with our Transparent OLED displays and impress your audience with innovative and interactive visuals.

Feel free to ask us any question! Contact us by phone 402-334-9119 or on our website.

Written by Yena Yoo, an intern for Studio 44 Productions.

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