Smart Homes: Creating A Conveniently Tranquil Life

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Do you ever find yourself reminiscing on the past? It’s a little odd how we go day by day and nothing appears to change but when we look back, everything seems to have become drastically different. Over the past decade we have become accustomed to many diverse digital devices making it unrealistic to imagine a world without them. It’s a fair to assume that eventually you, your friends, and everyone else you know will be living in a home that doesn’t use keys, but rather a code, a home that no longer uses light switches, but sensored lights that come on automatically. One day most homes may even incorporate voice command to turn on the television and entertainment systems. These automation devices are slowly gaining the approval of homeowners and becoming vastly popular.

Juniper research predicts the smart home market will reach $71 billion by 2018 - up from $25 billion in 2012 ( But what is driving us toward this new innovative adoption that makes regular tasks even simpler? As a society we have become accustomed to technology and the convenience it brings to our busy lives. The integration of time-saving devices such as internet connected cameras, lighting, thermostats, and locks are slowly gaining interest all over the country. As human beings we strive to accomplish goals and technology is helping us achieve them. Automation is gaining popularity amongst Millennials and Generation X, and they are turning technology into a part of their everyday lives. Their knowledge and passion for digital devices endlessly grows; making them destined to live a comfortable and convenient life. Home automation devices are helping us embrace a new way of doing things, by creating ease in our lives and serenity in our minds.

Written by McKenna Guinn, an Intern for Studio 44 Productions.

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