Planar Video Wallapalooza 2016

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Just over a week ago, our team had the opportunity to travel to Denver, Colorado to attend the 2016 Video Wallapalooza, hosted by Planar. For those unfamiliar, Wallapalooza is essentially a trade show for newly emerging transparent OLED screens. The breakthrough display technology has been and continues to trail-blaze the technology market. These revolutionary digital screens can be implemented into devices such as computers, touch panels and kiosks and are being utilized in fields such as retail, medical imaging, and technology. The transparent displays are changing the world of technology as we know it and our team of isn’t going to miss a beat.

During our quick visit, we were introduced to the latest (and greatest) of Leyard and Planar through various product demonstrations, training sessions and networking events. Although our time in Denver was limited, we were able to gather so many fun and exciting new ideas and concepts to incorporate into our business.

Making it our mission to stay on the forefront of technology, we are proud to announce that 4TEC Direct is now set up as an official dealer for Planar products. Amidst our excitement, we didn’t waste any time and have already begun selling Planar’s newest transparent OLED screens our website! We at 4TEC have focused on delivering the finest products, designs and installations to our customers for over 25 years and with our newest Planar additions, we are continuing to do just that. Stay on the Forefront of Technology with 4TEC and we will take your displays a step into the future.

Featured Planar Products:

Planar P AD55-Vincent. Click to view

Planar LO55. Click to view

Questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help! Reach us by phone at (402) 909-0130 or by email at sales@4tecdirect.comFor more information, please refer to the 4TEC Direct website.

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