One Touch Conference Systems & Their Differences

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If you read our last blog about One Touch Conference Systems you learned about what they are and what each packaged system includes. One Touch Conference Systems provide an ultra high-definition presentation switcher and control solution for your conferencing room or space. With this prebuilt, ready-to-go setup, you can eliminate any hassle that may accompany meeting space technology.

4TEC offers three types of One Touch Conference Systems: huddle, collaboration, and conference. Today, we want to explain the differences among these spaces and what they are most commonly used for.

Huddle Room: This room is the newest innovation within conferencing design and technology. It is designed for small groups of 2-4 people and allows any user to navigate it with ease. These simplistic spaces are often used as an area to brainstorm between peers and small teams.

Collaboration Room: This room provides a top of the line AV integrated space for 4-6 people. It has automated functions like occupancy sensing, audio video switching, system controls, and lighting capabilities. With increased space and functionality, these rooms can accommodate more employees for more in-depth meetings, making them perfect for a more personal yet effective work atmosphere.

Conference Room: This room contains input stations, tabletop mics, speakers, and 4K video output display and can accommodate 7+ people. These spaces are ideal for presentations, video conferencing, and more.

Establish your need, pick a room, plug-in, and go; it's as simple as that. For more information visit the 4TEC Integration website.

Written by Yena Yoo, an intern for Studio 44 Productions.

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