Make the Switch to Video Walls

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Make the Switch to Video Walls

Last month we talked about what video walls can be used for and the technology behind them. This month let’s visit how they can be beneficial for your business, company, or organization.

Using video walls in a business setting has become a technology standard. However, there are still plenty of companies using traditional platforms like billboards and banners to advertise and keep their clients up to date. If your company is wondering if this upgrade is right for you, take a look at some of the many benefits video walls can offer a company internally as well as for advertising purposes.

The Benefits of Upgrading to Video Walls:

1. Effective Communications:

Businesses have turned to the use of video walls to improve their communications in reception areas, conference rooms, and public spaces. The power of video walls allows you to integrate with digital signage, giving your audience real time updates and promotions.

2. Interact with your Audience:

Keep your audience engaged, by allowing them to interact with their signage they will be immersed into their own virtual reality.

3. Promote your Business:

Sell your business by being able to create animated ads, show off your social media feeds, and push out weekly ads without the hassle of print production.

Choose 4TEC for your Video Wall Solution

With 20+ years of experience in the industry let 4TEC handle your project front to back. 4TEC will assist with choosing the best solution to fit your needs, and provide the installation. For more information on video walls visit our website.

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