A Better Virtual Reality Experience

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Google recently announced the development of their new VR (virtual reality) software and hardware known as ‘Daydream’ to be launched this fall.

Compared to Google’s cardboard rendition, Daydream will be an extensive upgrade to how they do VR. Not only have they majorly upgraded the hardware involved for VR, but also have created a software to give the best user experience. The comfortable headgear plus the quality approved software, and thus Daydream is created.

Unlike the cardboard version of Google’s VR, Daydream won’t be compatible with all smartphones. It will only work with the new Android N devices built with specific components like special sensors and screens. Google has announced the following as partners that will be manufacturing Daydream ready phones: Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel.

While waiting for Daydream to drop, here at Studio 44 Productions have been creating our own VR content, known as ARCH-VIS. ARCH-VIS is interactive architecture, it allows users to tour buildings, houses, apartments and more in a virtual reality environment. It was designed with architects in mind to allow them to really ‘wow’ their clients with a virtual walk-through of their floor plans.

If you are interested in ARCH-VIS or a custom virtual reality experience contact the professionals at Studio 44 Productions via email sales@studio44productions.com or 402-779-7974.

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