5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Upgrade With Telepresence

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4TEC Integration brings virtual reality to the conference room. Telepresence is an advanced version of videoconferencing that enhances communication. Many companies are implementing this new technology and are immediately seeing positive results in the workplace.

1.) Create the Illusion of Being Face-to-Face
Telepresence is probably the closest you will ever get to being in the same place with someone without actually being in the same place. There is a reason every business-success book talks about the importance of communication; with telepresence you can read one another’s body language and facial expressions to create a more personal interaction.

2.) Save BIG Money and Time
Airfares can cost from upwards of $750 round trip and with the additional cost of food and lodging, your budget can quickly be exhausted. With delays, time consuming TSA screenings, and missed flights, time spent traveling becomes wasted but with telepresence you can interact with clients from comfort of your own office, resulting in an increase of productivity.

3.) Improve Employee’s Work/Life Balance
Traveling steals personal time and creates a 24 hour work atmosphere while away. Telepresence eliminates the amount of business trips needed to communicate a message and risks associated with flying. Less traveling allows your employees to enjoy their free time and leave work at work.

4.) Share Information Easily
Nothing is worse than an unclear, pixelated graph on a screen. Telepresence allows you to clearly portray your shared information on the second screen while you and your customers, partners, or colleagues are still fully present on another display.

5.) Drive and Create Effective Work
If interaction and relationships are strong amongst your team, then it only would make sense to portray your strength to your partners in the clearest and most effective way possible. Telepresence makes it easy to accumulate many participants in a conference and reduces a crowded atmosphere while improving efficiency and teamwork.

Updating your conference rooms by implementing telepresence, will aide your company in achieving set goals, reducing expenses, and improving employee work/life balance.

Learn more about implementing telepresence through our sister company 4TEC Integration.

Written by Mckenna Guinn, an intern for Studio 44 Productions

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